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thoughts on my banner? hehe
4 months ago
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  • There’s friends now?
    about 1 year ago
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  • yessir. there was before I believe but it was more hidden. this time around it's a little easier to navigate
    about 1 year ago
    blueberry muffins > your muffins
    about 1 year ago
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  • raspberry muffins > blueberry muffins
    about 1 year ago
    woah woah woah... raspberry muffins exist??
    about 1 year ago
    I have no Idea. If not, we should make them become real
    about 1 year ago
    Yes, just yes
    about 1 year ago
    chocolate chip muffins > raspberry muffins
    about 1 year ago
    over 2 years ago
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    The Nostalgia Scavenger Hunt Event is OPEN!!  Hello again!  The 10-Year Nostalgia Scavenger Hunt Event has just been released! You can find the portal inside the cake. You can get inside the cake by clicking a sign in either the Theme Room (at the center island) or a sign on the plate of the cake, you choose. Once you find the correct (muahaha) portal, you will be teleported to the Scavenger Hunt world. This world is made up of various past SkyPrison maps or related ones, meaning even some rival prison maps have been added to make it interesting. We encourage you to do it with a friend or a member who was on at a different SkyPrison lifetime than you, but don't be discouraged because you can very complete it by yourself, if you choose  This big event is explained in the Scavenger Hunt World on signs in the First Prison. Essentially, you start with 3 hints to start finding the hidden signs around the world. By finding these signs, you will collect Event Emeralds (the event currency you will need) and tokens. There will also be separate hint signs you can click that will help you to find the next sign.  Rewards are written on the wall in the First Prison, as well, which include Tokens, Event Keys, and Special Event Prizes. To complete the event and reach all the checkpoints, you will need to collect 40 Event Emeralds.  Good luck and Happy Cake Day SkyPrison!! Fly High,   ~SkyPrison Staff ️
    5 months ago
    SkyPrison 10-Year Anniversary Celebration!!! Hello everybody! We wanted to let y’all know about upcoming festivities on the server, discord, and forum! First and foremost, we want to announce that on December 24, 2022, it will be SkyPrison’s 10-Year Anniversary. We are turning double digits! Do you feel old yet? In celebration of this milestone, we are hosting several different sorts of activities.  To start, we are hosting a big nostalgia scavenger hunt on the server, which will take place in a new world with a bunch of old maps that you know from the old SkyPrison lifetime. You won’t want to miss out on the rewards for this event! You will need to collect Event Emeralds in order to unlock each checkpoint reward until you reach the final checkpoint that unlocks the final Event Prizes, which no one has on the server yet! Next, we will be hosting several giveaways! What are we giving away? Good question. We will be giving away Discord Nitro and coupons for the SkyPrison donor store. Giveaways will not only be on discord this time, but also on our forums, Twitter, Tiktok, and YouTube accounts so you will want to be signed up on the forums and following those accounts to keep updated. Social media links: YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLBPyfim1JUeNx0bvQgMXaA TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@skyprison Twitter https://twitter.com/SkyPrisonMC Next, we’re looking to host some mini-event days, where staff host spleef, skypvp, sumo, landfall, lavarun, Simon says, 4 corners, etc. All the games that we have that are functional are up for playing. We’re looking at hosting a mini-event day on December 27th (if interested checkout here https://discord.com/events/782795465632251955/1055684060925665340)Lastly, if y’all are feeling nostalgic and want to look for old screenshots you have when you were on SkyPrison, you can post those in #screenshots in the discord or DM them to @blueberry09 on discord. I’ll put those screenshots into a new SkyPrison Memory video for us to watch (aiming for) in January. Stay tuned for Cake day and the Nostalgia Scavenger Hunt Event!Happy Holidays ~Your SP Staff
    5 months ago
    The NEW Market is here! The New Market has been released! Check it out and grab a plot to start selling or buying items from players!  Prices for the shops are as follows: 1st floor plots = 14k/5days 2nd floor plots = 10k/5days 3rd floor plots = 6k/5days Hope y'all hop on and check it out in person :) That's all for now. Thanks!
    8 months ago
    NEW MARKET INCOMING TO SKYCITY Heyo everybody, we just want to give y'all a heads up that there will be a NEW MARKET coming soon to SkyCity!  In fact, it's set to arrive on September 17th (which is in 12 days). This means for those who already have a market plot, you will need to clear your market plot out before then, so please plan accordingly.  Refunds will be arranged for any remaining rent time on your plot on September 17th, but items left in your market plot will be removed and won't be restored. Market plots will be first come first serve, so be sure to hop on the server on September 17th to claim a prime market spot! Above is a sneak peek of what you might see in the new market. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more future updates!
    9 months ago
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