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dad joke just for you: what do you call a pig that does karate? Answer: a pork chop
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    Here is a list of approved and declined mods. If you would like to use or suggest one you do not see please add it in the comments with a list of what the mod can do. Please include everything. Template: Mod name: What the mod does: Pros: Cons: All uses (inc extra features): Allowed:World Edit CUI (A handy tool for using World Edit, World Guard and claims)Performance Mods like Optifine (Increases performance for some users)BetterSprint (makes sprinting easier, it's allowed since vanilla sprinting is already very easy)Mods that list all of the items (Makes it easier to look up recipe's)5Zig PVP mod (Does not give an unfair advantage)Any minimap that does not show players/entities/cavemode. (Does not give unfair advantage)Shaders Mods (No effect on gameplay)Capes Mods (No effect on gameplay)Better Animations/Player Animations Mod (No effect on gameplay)Blocks3D Mod (No effect on gameplay)Gamma/Brightness mods (You can change the brightness to have no darkness in vanilla Minecraft anyway.Info mod (Zombe's Info mod or similar)Compass mod (Shows you your coordinates and heading in GUI)Any Chat Mods (That have no effect on gameplay and do not spam the chat like Tab Chat or Chat boxes)Any Protocol Mods (Lets you join outdated/updated servers)Any Durability GUI Mods (Lets you see item and armor durability in GUI)Any Custom Content Mods (Since the server does not have the mods installed they don't work)Any Mods which have no effect to gameplay such as Pixelmon or Auto-Respawn.Banned:Autoclicker (Lets you click much faster than normal also prevents you from being kicked for AFK)Cheat Clients (Gives unfair advantage)Fly (Lets you fly in areas you shouldn't)Speed (Lets you speedhack)Kill Aura (Lets you hit people outside of viewing angle)Tracers (If they let you see sneaking or players outside of viewing angle)Noclip/Wallhack (Lets you walk through walls)No knockback (Unfair for PvP)If a mod gives you an advantage over someone who doesn't use that mod, its most likely banned.If a mod is not on this list it means it has not been evaluated, please ask below before using it to avoid confusion and possible penalties.
    2 months ago
    Hello people! Today I bring you the 1.17 update!The server has finally updated to 1.17! This means that some parts of the server might work differently/be buggy, so if you find any bugs report them in #bug-reports on the discord! The duels plugin has been temporarily disabled due to it not being updated to 1.17, but it should return shortly.The plugin we previously used for fly flag handling has also been removed, and a new system has been put in place so if you experience any issues with it report it in #bug-reports on the discord.The biggest update however, is that the server has now after 5 years swapped from 1.8 PvP to 1.9 PvP!We have also dropped support for 1.8, so you have to use 1.9+ to join the server.That should be it for this time, but more updates are on their way!
    5 months ago
    SkyPrison laws are laws that guards uphold for roleplaying purposes. You will never be muted or banned for breaking these.  However, guards can still kill you or jail you for defying these laws.   Note that these laws ONLY apply in the prison world. Laws: Don't carry any contraband, you will be killed in a PVP zone and asked for your contraband in the safe zone Don't PvP, you will be killed Don't safe zone right after you attack a guard or player, if you continuously do this you can be jailed Don't sword troll or item bomb If a guard jails you or kills you and you dont know what for, check the laws above. If it's not there then ask the guard in a private message what you got jailed/killed for. If you disagree with the actions a guard took, then report them on the forum in Staff Reports. Feedback about guarding is always welcome, criticism is not. If you want to give feedback, do it politely. Don't discuss your jail in global chat, do it in private messages.   Note: You normally get warned for sword trolling and safe zoning before you get jailed.When applying for guard add this answer to the "Have you read the SkyPrison laws?" question: Yes and I will enforce them as a guard
    12 months ago