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Changes to Separate Inventories

Hello everybody! Just here to inform you all that the plugin that was previously handling inventory changes between different worlds has been removed & a new custom coded system has replaced it. 


You shouldn't notice anything as prison/free inventories have been migrated over to the new system so even if you were logged off in the event world, when you log back on and go to prison/free you'll still get the correct inventory back. (Aswell as all the other stuff like enderchest, health, exp, hunger, etc)


The Rework Update
DrakePork9 months ago

Hello everyone!
Today we release Update 3.6, The Rework Update
Like the name suggests, this update focuses primarily on reworking existing features to add new content to them! Let's go through the biggest changes.

Voting has been fully custom coded to allow us to more easily add new features that we want to add to it.
With this update to voting, we've also changed how a lot of it works, let's start at the top.

Vote Tokens
Instead of the plugin randomly picking between 5 token options between 15 and 50,...

The Colouring Update

Hello everyone! Time for another (albeit relatively small) update.

The colouring system has been changed! Now, instead of using &4 when colouring a sign, a book, colouring your name, etc, you now use !



The first of many new updates has arrived!

This update contains a lot of stuff we've been wanting to implement for a long time, and also new things, so let's get right into it!


Daily Missions

After quite literally more than a year, this feature that's been on your scoreboards is finally here!

Each day, you'll get two rando...

Happy 17th of May and sneakpeek!
DrakePorkabout 1 year ago

Gratulerer med dagen til alle Nordmenn i forumet, and a happy 17th of may(Norwegian national day) to the rest of you.
Wowsers, been a while since we last posted anything here, however it'll start becoming quite active as summer kicks in!

After uh.. a "small" pause, development is kicking off again and 10+ things are already ready for release!
Anyway, here's a sneakpeek of a new feature coming next update, and next time we post here it shouldn't be 4 months between ;p

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