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Fly High

Quick update about the server for you all:

The server is coming along nicely and most major features have been implemented. This server will be a survival server. The spawn isn’t fully built yet but is quite close to being finished. After the spawn is finished and beta testing is complete, the server will be released.

Some of the server features will include classic pvp, mcmmo, paintball, parkours, custom enchantments, special items and more!

At this point we can’t pinpoint an exact date for the server’s release, but most likely it will be released before the end of February.

Here's a picture of a part of spawn for you all:

Hey everyone. Been quite some time since we’ve had a proper announcement here. Most of you are aware that the server hasn’t been online for a few months now, and that is because of memory issues the server has had, which has caused it to no longer function properly. It is likely the SkyPrison you know and love will never come back online, ever. We are however currently working on getting SkyBlock and Creative up and running. However, we have been working on a small server in the background. Now this server won’t be a prison server, but a lot of content from SkyPrison will/have been reused on this server. However none of your data, like how much money you had or your rank will be transferred over. There’s still a lot to decide for this server and we want your opinions on that. So if you would like to decide what server we make and suggest content for it, click this form: https://goo.gl/forms/P98ZUMO4rmNl5Pnw1 Now as it is sad that SkyPrison will be shutting its doors, it had a good 5 years as a prison server, with both ups and downs, and as a final goodbye to SkyPrison, Blueberry09 has made a video to commemorate our time together on this server. Enjoy.

P.S. The video comes with a few fun little trivia questions, if you choose to participate. If you fill out and answer enough questions right in this trivia quiz, you could win an exclusive discord rank. https://goo.gl/forms/Hn5FfQ58RZSmsRms1 The trivia will be open until Saturday 19th

Sharing Time

We have some news for you (obviously). SkyPrison is now the sister of the Zelix Network. Our prison server will also now be known as SkyPrison Legacy instead of SkyPrison.

What’s with the inventory in MY FACE when I join?

It’s a new feature to us but a classic to the Zelix Network. The inventory that pops up in your face when you join is called a GUI (Graphic User Interface) and is brought to you by LukeDeLoop. It shows several items in it that you can click on, leading you to different servers. The mossy cobblestone labeled “SkyPrison Legacy” will bring you to our prison server while the grass block labeled “SkyPrison 2.0” will eventually bring you to the Zelix Network. There are also 2 other blocks, the blue glass block, and the nether star, that bring you to our familiar SkyBlock and Creative servers, which are back online! Lastly, the arrow on the right will let you disconnect from the hub.


In Other News

Please welcome our new admins LukeDeLoop and geppi who will be helping out on the server!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates!

Happy Easter Everyone!


This year we would like to dedicate our Easter Event to all those players who were on the server around 2013 and also those staff and guard members who were online back then as well.

At center, you'll notice the Easter decorations and as usual in the section by the discord sign where it is all decked out. Check out the Easter Bunny Cave and you will reveal Easter decorations that will blow you away. (This is especially significant if you were here several years ago.)

The key to finding the Easter eggs will be to click all the signs you see. Hope you discover more than you intended. Good Luck!

~Easter Team


Hello People!
The claim plugin have after being barely changed for more than 5 years been completely rewritten! The new claim plugin works more or less the same as the last one, but should work much better and have a better looking texture than the last one.

The New Stuff:

  • /claim total - Shows you how many claims you have and how many you have used
  • /claim info (claim) - Works the same as /claim details (claim)
  • /claim info - If no claim specified, it works as how it used to
  • /claim help - Instead of having that annoying book that fills up your chests you can now view all the commands available by doing this command
That is sadly all news I have for you, for now ;)


Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!
I would assume if you're not Irish, American or live in Britain, you dont celebrate Saint Patrick's day, like me, but we're celebrating it either way because why not! So head on, grab some ale (not real ale of course) and get dancing like a crazed Irishman on a saturday evening!

Or you can of course head over to your local Rainbow Forest at Center and join Captain Picard and an Irish Pug in finding some Golden Scratch Cards!

I will also be hosting Irish Spleef and Irish Sumo and some other "Irish" events!
UPDATE: Work Complete.

Hello all!

Just to update you on some maintenance that will be taking place, meaning the entire SkyPrison network will be unavailable. As always, the mini game server will be up in its place to chill out on. In the meantime join our Discord http://discord.gg/HA6uXx6

From: 8PM GMT - Friday 19th January 2018
What For: Essential Server Upgrades
Estimated time of Completion: 2AM GMT - Saturday 20th January

Status: Complete.

- xtech <3
Hello People!
A lot of exciting updates has just been added to SkyBlock. Auction House, Bank accounts are the biggest of the updates but there are also some smaller updates that have been added.

Auction House
  • Buy items other players have put on Auction
  • Sell items for other players to buy
  • Sell items with /ca sell (price) while holding the item
  • A Vault is not required to use the Auction House
  • You can now create Bank Accounts by putting [Vault] on the first line of a sign on a chest
  • Store your grass in the chest to see how many Grass Blocks you have with /money or by hovering over your or other players rank
  • If you don't have a Vault, and an item of yours is bought in the Auction House while you are offline, you won't get the Grass Blocks
  • The tier Shops are currently not hooked up to the Vaults but will be in the forseeable future
There are two other smaller updates that have been added. These are two optional tutorials that can be done anytime you like, and you can now easily find slime chunks by clicking on the new [News] about slime chunks.


Hope to see you on soon!
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Hello People!
Lots of exciting updates being released this week, Rewards being one of them!
You can now get daily and weekly rewards on SkyBlock as suggested by some of the playerbase.

To claim a daily/weekly reward you gotta head up to the Daily Rewards villager next to the Shops Entrance, and you need to be the rank of Member.

Here's what items you can get from the Daily and Weekly Rewards!

Daily Rewards


Weekly Rewards


More kits will be added in the future!