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Fly High

UPDATE: Work Complete.

Hello all!

Just to update you on some maintenance that will be taking place, meaning the entire SkyPrison network will be unavailable. As always, the mini game server will be up in its place to chill out on. In the meantime join our Discord http://discord.gg/HA6uXx6

From: 8PM GMT - Friday 19th January 2018
What For: Essential Server Upgrades
Estimated time of Completion: 2AM GMT - Saturday 20th January

Status: Complete.

- xtech <3
Hello People!
A lot of exciting updates has just been added to SkyBlock. Auction House, Bank accounts are the biggest of the updates but there are also some smaller updates that have been added.

Auction House
  • Buy items other players have put on Auction
  • Sell items for other players to buy
  • Sell items with /ca sell (price) while holding the item
  • A Vault is not required to use the Auction House
  • You can now create Bank Accounts by putting [Vault] on the first line of a sign on a chest
  • Store your grass in the chest to see how many Grass Blocks you have with /money or by hovering over your or other players rank
  • If you don't have a Vault, and an item of yours is bought in the Auction House while you are offline, you won't get the Grass Blocks
  • The tier Shops are currently not hooked up to the Vaults but will be in the forseeable future
There are two other smaller updates that have been added. These are two optional tutorials that can be done anytime you like, and you can now easily find slime chunks by clicking on the new [News] about slime chunks.


Hope to see you on soon!
Get 50% off everything in the store for the rest of this week!

Store: SubZeroNetwork Store

Hello People!
Lots of exciting updates being released this week, Rewards being one of them!
You can now get daily and weekly rewards on SkyBlock as suggested by some of the playerbase.

To claim a daily/weekly reward you gotta head up to the Daily Rewards villager next to the Shops Entrance, and you need to be the rank of Member.

Here's what items you can get from the Daily and Weekly Rewards!

Daily Rewards


Weekly Rewards


More kits will be added in the future!
Hello people!
Kiyan and I have since release been continously adding more stuff to SkyBlock, and today we present Fishing Events! This is an automated contest that happens every second hour. The goal is to fish the longest fish whereas first place gets 3 grass blocks, second place gets 2 and third gets 1, the rest of you gets none. You can also only get fish that counts towards the contest while on yours or someone's Island. So get out them fishing rods and start fishing them all.

There is only one rule in this contest, which is a server rule that applies everywhere always:

Auto Fishing machines are not allowed. If i find one i will blow it up using tnt crafted from your sand.

The timezone is GMT +1


So i hope i will see all of you people online fishing all of them fish!


For more information check out May'Tei the Fisherman over at Fish Island.
People of Subzero Network!
The day has finally arrived!
The new and improved SkyBlock is now out for everyone to enjoy!

It has taken a lot of time, but we have finally finished everything we needed to do and have now opened up the server to the public. The features we have added are countless, but i'll list the most fun and important features.​
  • Custom Fishing
  • GUI Shops
  • PvP Area
  • Public Mine
  • Custom Skyblock Challenges
  • Custom Skyblock Configurations
  • Hidden Secrets
And more!

So come online and join us on this amazing new server!
Hello People of SubZero Network!
As most of you might know, the old SkyBlock server for our Network did basically loose most of its playerbase because lack of updates and no staff focusing on updating or fixing bugs.

Therefore, Kiyan, myself and some other people have created a brand new SkyBlock server with a lot of cool and exiciting new features!

We have completed close to everything that we have wanted to implement and I can with certainty say that it will be out quite soon.

We are also currently taking in player suggestions, so if you have something you would like to see on the new SkyBlock server click the link below!
Suggestions Link: http://www.subzeronetwork.net/threads/61/#post-360 (hover over link to see it)

Here are some pictures for you to look at while you wait to see it all for yourself!





UPDATE: Migration Complete

Dear all,

It is with regret that I have to announce an elongated maintenance closure. This is necessary to complete important and unavoidable data migration.

Started: Sunday 8th Oct, 22:00 (GMT+1)
Estimated Completion: Tuesday 10th Oct, 22:00 (GMT+1)
Services Effected: SubZeroNetwork & SkyPrison Game Servers

As always, this post will be updated with progress. Please contact me on this forum or in game for more information.

Inroducing SubZero / SkyPrison Music Bots

Put on some tunes and enjoy the game!​

Whats new:

You can now use the music bots on our Discord channel!


  • You have to join a voice channel, there are 2 voice channels in the discord server Discord. Once you have joined the channel type: <<play NameOfSong
  • To use the 2nd bot to listen to something different join a different voice channel and type: ;;play NameOfSong
  • To use GensokyoBot and listen to GensokyoRadio join the GensokyoRadio voice channel. If the bot is not in the channel type: ,,join
For more commands type <<commands. Commands SubZeroBot and SkyBot are the same, SubZeroBot uses prefix << and SkyBot ;;. GensokyoBot only has 1 command ,,join
Welcome to the brand new website for SkyPrison!


To register, join the server at mc.skyprison.net and type /register for more information on how you can join.

Since the site is brand new there may be bugs, please report them in the appropriate section using the template provided on this website. If you are unable to sign up please contact me (xtechgamer735) in game. The best way is with /mail or /helpme if I am not online.

The site will seem basic for now - this is until we add more functionalities and features as they are ready. For now, enjoy the power of the new forum software.