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News The Colouring Update & Store Sale!
Started by blueberry09

The Colouring Update

Hello everyone! Time for another (albeit relatively small) update.

The colouring system has been changed! Now, instead of using &4 when colouring a sign, a book, colouring your name, etc, you now use !


Coloured Names

All current coloured names have been transferred to the new system already, so you don't need to do anything regarding that.

The command is now /namecolour, with the aliases /multicolour, /multicolor, /namecolor, and /nc.


There is now an in-depth help message that appears whenever you type /namecolour!


This change also allows us to introduce some new things to name colouring, such as:

  • You can now use to get a rainbow-coloured name instantly!
  • Gradients have been changed! You now do


Command Example:

/namecolour DrakePork

which looks like this in-game.



Book & Sign Colouring

When adding colour to books & signs, you must now use the new colouring system. The format of this is , , <#0dd9fe>, etc.

This also applies to decorations like &b -> , &o -> , and so on.


Other Stuff

The two topics above are probably the only things different that you'll notice from this update, however, there's also been considerable changes to the backend.

See ⁠#updates⁠ for the full changelog


This update mostly affects anyone who has purchased multi-coloured name or the colour bundle, so if you don't have those you won't notice any difference (probably).


However, if you would like to grab one of those, now would be the time as there's still a 35% sale on the store!