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cool person ngl
over 3 years ago
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    over 3 years ago
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    A. Mod name: AutoSwitchWhat the mod does: Automatic switching of tools on the hotbar to the best one for the job. Pros: Saves a lot of scrolling. Useful for building. Can be used to determine what weapon you have is better for pvp.Cons: Makes you look like you're pvping with anything but swords/axes.All uses (inc extra features): Switches to the best tool in your hotbar for mining the block you're looking at when you left click it. Also goes for players.  B. Mod name: Command MacrosWhat the mod does: Lets you assign an infinite amount of messages to any key on your keyboard. Pros: Works with commandsCons: If you press enter too fast after putting the last key in after sending a message in chat, it will respond as if you pressed the key without chat open and send the command/message you set it toAll uses (inc extra features): If you assign a message to any key on your keyboard and press that key ingame, it will instantaneously make you send that message in chat.
    over 2 years ago
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