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News 1.18 Update!
Started by DrakePork

Hello people! After quite some time since the last update, we now bring you a new big update!

Now the major part of this update is of course the 1.18 minecraft update, which changes the world height from 0 -> 255 to -64 -> 319!
Due to this massive change in Minecraft world generation, we have after a poll decided to expand the free world from its current 15k x 15k border to 20k x 20k!
We were planning on increasing it even further, but due to 1.19 closing in and it also changing world generation we decided to only increase it by 5,000 and then increase it by another 5,000 after 1.19 is released!

After quite some time, we have made a final decision on the 1.8/1.9 PvP. We have made the decision to make prison 1.8 PvP and the free worlds will keep 1.9 PvP. Duels have been changed back to 1.8 PvP, but I have plans on doing so you can choose between 1.8 and 1.9 PvP when duelling. Adding a flag to change the pvp of your specific claim in free might be added in the future, but this is undecided as of right now.
Axe damage in prison has also been reduced so swords are better. (You won't see this in the visual)

Daily rewards has now been added! You can access this through /daily. This can be collected every day, and is based upon the day and not when you last collected it, so if you collect a daily reward at 11:59 pm UTC, you can collect a new one a minute later so you don't have to worry about missing out on a daily reward due to scheduling. At the moment the rewards are tokens, and is a random token amount between 25-50 each day except for every 7 days when its 250 tokens, but I have plans to expand upon the system in the future and add some cool rare rewards that you have a % chance of getting every day.

Infinite parkour has been fixed up abit and you can now access an options menu from your hotbar! In this hotbar you can change a few settings like turning premade structures off, changing the difficulty, etc. More options like custom blocks and time of day will be added to the donor store in the future.

You can now bail yourself out of jail! This feature can be accessed by talking to the Jailor or by typing /bail. It has a fancy confirmation message too. The cost of the bailout is based upon your rank:
Grass & Desert - $250
Nether & Snow - $1,000
Free - $10,000
Hell - $25,000
End - $50,000
There is also a 1 hour cooldown on bailing yourself out. The cost/cooldown might be changed later on if we see its too high/too low.

After more than half a year (fuck me its been disabled for a long time) busses and trains are now up and running again in SkyCity! With this update the bus and train companies have also added passes that give you free access to bus/train rides for 1 week. The bus pass costs 250 tokens and the train pass costs 500 tokens.

I've also increased the "simulation-distance" as minecraft calls it to a higher number, so you can now see further in game.

Now for the smaller features/changes that has been implemented:
- /removeitalics now gives you a confirmation message and no longer removes the blue name colour from enchanted items.
- /plot has been added which will teleport you to your plot in skycity.
- A commands list has been added to the forums!
- A list of banned & approved mods has been added to the forums!
- Weather lock flag has been working for a while, but I never announced it, so I'm doing it now.
- You can do /vote in parkour now.
- Not really an update for players, but when guards go offduty they no longer have to manually dispose guard items, as they are automatically removed.
- You can access tokenshop while jailed now.
- Safezone warnings now reset upon death.
- A portable anvil command can now be bought from the donor store
- Axolotl disguise has been added to the donor store
- Axolotl pet has been added to the donor store
- Fall damage has been removed from the inital city in SkyCity
- You can buy /end in /tokenshop. This was added a while ago but I forgot to approve the suggestion until now
- /keys looks different now.
- All parkour checkpoints and spawnpoints have had their pitch and yaw changed to better match the parkour
- the [Info] messages in chat now have specific messages that only gets shown to free+ and grass->snow.
- The chain between guard and grass island has been fixed to now not fuck your flying over
- Saying the N word now results in an instant 1 hour mute.
- Trident cost in tokenshop has been lowered to 2,500 tokens.
- Added arrows to tokenshop.
- Skipped blocks in Infinite Parkour now counts towards the score.
- Added vote & event crates to free world spawn.

Due to 1.18 adding 128 more height to the game, some areas might lag due to it loading in the new area between Y 0 and Y -64, but it should only last for a couple of days.

Now I did write this update already, but I now have to write it again because I forgot where I wrote the other one, so I might have forgotten a feature or two so I might make a new update if I remember anything I forgot to add to this.

Hopefully the next update won't be that far in the future, and it will include a bunch of cool new features, some completely new features and some features that used to be on old SP.

However that is it for this time, if you find any bugs caused by this update, remember to send them in #bug-reports!

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