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News 1.17 Update
Started by DrakePork

Hello people! Today I bring you the 1.17 update!

The server has finally updated to 1.17! This means that some parts of the server might work differently/be buggy, so if you find any bugs report them in #bug-reports on the discord!

The duels plugin has been temporarily disabled due to it not being updated to 1.17, but it should return shortly.

The plugin we previously used for fly flag handling has also been removed, and a new system has been put in place so if you experience any issues with it report it in #bug-reports on the discord.

The biggest update however, is that the server has now after 5 years swapped from 1.8 PvP to 1.9 PvP!

We have also dropped support for 1.8, so you have to use 1.9+ to join the server.

That should be it for this time, but more updates are on their way!