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News Changes to Separate Inventories
Started by blueberry09

Changes to Separate Inventories

Hello everybody! Just here to inform you all that the plugin that was previously handling inventory changes between different worlds has been removed & a new custom coded system has replaced it. 


You shouldn't notice anything as prison/free inventories have been migrated over to the new system so even if you were logged off in the event world, when you log back on and go to prison/free you'll still get the correct inventory back. (Aswell as all the other stuff like enderchest, health, exp, hunger, etc)


One change that this does introduce is that now only the main inventory (prison/free) is actually saved somewhere, while the inventory in any other world isn't saved and just get deleted whenever you go back to prison/free. So if you for example have the spleef kit on you in the event world, if you go back to prison/free then back to the event world, your inventory will be fully reset (YOUR EVENT WORLD INVENTORY, NOT MAIN WORLDS INVENTORY). This also applies to all other per world stats aswell like enderchest, health, exp, hunger, etc.


Now, there shouldn't be any issues or bugs as DrakePork has tested it quite extensively, but there's always a chance that there's some obscure bug that escaped my testing, so if you find a bug / issue with it remember to report it in 🐛bug-reports or to an admin.


Some general Info

The inventory changes is all that DrakePork has got for this time except for the other stuff you can see in 🆕updates⁠. There probably won't be any updates for the foreseeable future too due to exams approaching, for le Pork, but we'll see.


Thanks for reading and we'll keep y'all in the loop with the next update!