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News The Rework Update
Started by DrakePork

Hello everyone!
Today we release Update 3.6, The Rework Update
Like the name suggests, this update focuses primarily on reworking existing features to add new content to them! Let's go through the biggest changes.

Voting has been fully custom coded to allow us to more easily add new features that we want to add to it.
With this update to voting, we've also changed how a lot of it works, let's start at the top.

Vote Tokens
Instead of the plugin randomly picking between 5 token options between 15 and 50, we have decided to re-use a system that was used on old SP!
Voting now gives a starting amount of 25 tokens. This amount gets increased by 1 token every 6 votes you make until you've reached 150 votes. After 150 votes, the amount gets increased by 1 token every 18 votes you make.
We've also set a max amount of tokens you can get from a vote to 100 tokens, so once you've hit that it wont increase any further.

Vote Milestones
We've slightly changed the rewards the milestones gives you, and also added 4 new milestones!
The changes are as such:
- 500 Votes milestone now gives out the Novice Voter Tag
- 1000 Votes milestone now gives out the Top Voter Tag
- 1250 Votes Milestone gives you a Sheep Pet
- 1500 Votes Milestone gives you access to customizing that sheep pet & gives out the Elite Voter Tag
- 1750 Votes Milestone gives you access to making your sheep pet rainbow coloured
- 2000 Votes Milestone gives you access to making your sheep disguise rainbow coloured
The rest of the milestones are the same as before.

Other Vote Changes
- Monthly Top Voting has been changed so that all 3 players gets **200 tokens** and first place gets the **Voter Legend Tag**
- Voting on all sites has been changed to voting on 6 sites.
- /vote now sends you links to all the vote sites
- /vote history has been added

Prison Treefelling
You could before chop down the entire tree in prison by breaking just 1 block, we have however now changed this. A normal axe will no longer chop down the entire tree, but we have added a new Blacksmith to Grass.
This Blacksmith sells the Treefeller Axe, an iron axe which chops down the entire tree (in prison). This axe can't break, can't be enchanted in an enchant table / anvil and can't be repaired in an anvil. It also has a cooldown which starts at 10 seconds.
The blacksmith also sells upgrade books for the axe, which can be used to upgrade the cooldown, durability & speed. The Blacksmith also sells a Repair Kit which can be used to repair the axe when it "breaks".

End Blacksmith
The blacksmith in the End has been reworked from scratch! It now works kinda similar to upgrading the treefeller axe. It is now a GUI where you insert the diamond item you're upgrading, a netherite upgrade template specific for that item & 1 netherite ingot.
Since 1.20 adds templates, we've decided to do so that you buy for example the Chestplate Template, from the End Blacksmith, and then use that in the upgrade GUI. Normal Netherite Templates will not work.

Keep Enchants & Reset Repair Cost has also been turned into "Addon Books", which have two dedicated slots in the GUI. We've also added a new Addon, "Keep Armour Trims". Since the GUI only has 2 slots for addons, you can only pick 2 of these addons to apply to the item you're upgrading. The addons can also be bought at the End Blacksmith.

Armour Trimming
Since the Smithy Table is disabled, we've added a custom GUI where you can apply trims to armour. The GUI can be acccessed from any Blacksmith & from Armourers. We've also added a few armour trims to slots/crates & to some shops.

Sending Mails
We've completely custom coded /mail. Now when you type /mail send, it'll open a GUI where you can pick up to 10 players to send the mail to. We've also done so the mails are written & sent in books. Mails are also now either sent to the post office or to a private mailbox! Mailboxes can be placed in free, and can be shared between players. You can now also send items through the mail, however you have to send the mail from the post office or from a mailbox to be able to send items.

The secrets GUI has been recoded from scratch! It's now a lot more dynamic, with a lot of options to show only specific types of secrets and such. The rewards for finding all secrets in a category has also been redone, as you'll now get the rewards instantly instead of having to go into a GUI to get it.

Secrets cooldown has also been reworked, with it now working as a "You can use this once every X days". This means that if a secret has 1 day cooldown, you don't have to wait exactly 24 hours after you clicked the sign, you just have to wait until the next day.


For the full list of changes, check the #updates channel on discord.

Although this update doesn't add that many new features, it changes so much of the currently existing features, either with a full rework & redesign of the feature, or something small, like a command being reworked to a different framework but with the functionality staying the same. I might start doing a different release cycle in the future, as a lot of these features / changes were done in June / July, but has just been waiting for everything else to be finished before being released. But yeah, that's it for this time, and I hope you guys will enjoy the update!