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News NEW Update Adding Daily Missions, Bombs, Shiny Grass and More!
Started by blueberry09

The first of many new updates has arrived!

This update contains a lot of stuff we've been wanting to implement for a long time, and also new things, so let's get right into it!


Daily Missions

After quite literally more than a year, this feature that's been on your scoreboards is finally here!

Each day, you'll get two random missions assigned to you. Completing these missions will earn you tokens!

These missions are everything from mining blocks to completing /parkour!





Bombs have been added to the server! These can (atm) only be used in the prison mines.

We've got 5 types, ranging from small to the massive nuke!

These are obtainable from crates & a new feature called Shiny Grass.



Shiny Grass

A new prison "event" that we call Shiny Grass has been added!

Every now and then, a few grasses, tall grass, ferns, and/or large ferns in prison will start to glow!

Hitting these will uncover an item some other player must've accidentally dropped.

Who knows, maybe you find something good?



Casino & Crates

We've completely remade all (except for the boom slot) of the crates & casino slots we have on SkyPrison!

The new slots have been designed to be rank focused, with each one catering to 1-2 ranks.


This will happen to old keys:

Vote ⇒ will work on a new crate

Casino & Event ⇒ All old keys will work on boom slots


The New Casino Slots:

Leafy Slots  ⇒  This slot is focused on Grass & Desert ranked players

Hot N Cold Slots ⇒ This slot is focused around Nether & Snow ranked players

Citizen Slots  ⇒ This slot is focused around Free ranked players, containing useful, fun & Free rank unobtainable items

Citizen+ Slots  ⇒ This slot is focused on all Free+ ranked players. It contains a lot of tokenshop items, and perks you can't get anywhere else!

Inferno Slots  ⇒ This slot is focused on Hell-ranked players

Elysium Slots ⇒  This slot is focused around End ranked players



Vote & Event crates have also been remade!

The event crate is now a lot more exclusive, but in return has vastly better items, including exclusive ones!

The vote crate has been vastly improved, and now also contains rank-specific items


Claim Plugin Recode

What started out as a simple "I should probably update this code that Goppi wrote in 2019 and I modified in 2021" turned into a full recode.

With this recode comes a bunch of upgrades & new features!


Specifying which claim is now possible

Invite will no longer auto-add players, they receive an invite

Confirmation msg on deleting & transferring claims

/claim help ⇒  Split into pages

/claim list ⇒  Shows ALL claims you're a member/co-owner/owner of

/claim list ⇒  Shows your claim blocks

/claim pending ⇒ shows pending invites/transfers

/claim flags ⇒ New UI & sortable categories


Command Name Changes:

/claim remove/claim delete

/claim addmember/claim invite

/claim removemember/claim kick

/claim addadmin /claim promote

/claim removeadmin/claim demote

/claim buyblocks/claim blocks buy

/claim blocks /claim list



Discord Guides & Minecraft Help GUI

We have added several guides to ⁠Server Guide! You can find them at the top of the channel list.

We have added a GUI in-game to /help which contains info about various server features.


Various Features & Changes

/token history is now a thing! It works similarly to /moneyhistory

The sponge now spawns at random intervals

Mine Reset Vouchers are now a thing and can be used to instantly reset an on-cooldown mine.

Parkourist tag is once more obtainable

The online store UI and prices have been slightly changed

Check out #updates (in Discord) for all (most) changes!



With this update, and since it's summer, we're doing a Summer Sale! From now until the 20th of July, everything in the store will be 35% off!