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Monthly Server Update Announcement

Monthly Server Updates

Hey everyone! It's that time of the month where I, of course, send a massive message with a bunch of updates that have happened.

So to start off the Discord has now been "revamped" where you can now go in-game and do
/Discord link and you will receive your in-game ranks on the Discord. There is currently no custom stuff set up for a specific rank but that might be added in the future. It might take up to 5 minutes for the ranks to get applied.

Just wanna remind everyone that there's currently a sale on the donation store for 75% off most stuff and 50% off spawners.

We've switched claims plugin, the last update explaining that didn't really tell anything about how to use it so here's a quick summary: You can get all of the claim commands with /claim help. The claim tool is now a wooden axe, and you can receive one with /claimwand. To claim, right-click on point and left-click another point. Claim id = claim name, just to let you know. Also, the fly flag now works 120% of the time so yeah.

Parkour also has a new scoreboard which shows deaths, current time, and checkpoints.

We also added a very cool scoreboard where you can see your rank, your money, your tokens, and vote party votes. If you guys got any suggestions of stuff to display there then send me a message. It can, of course, be disabled with /fb toggle, which also persists after relog.

The sponge has also been released and can be found randomly in prison, so go look for them so that you can beat DealMaker in /lb sponge.

I just realized I haven't done one of these since February so there's quite a lot of stuff to go through.

I also released a settings GUI in the /menu GUI, where you can turn on/off the scoreboard, private messages & global chat.

Wow, leaderboards now exist. You can view all of them either by going to /menu then clicking Leaderboards, or doing /lb, /leaderboard, or /leaderboards.

Uh yeah, Desert got a shopkeeper of its own, and there are also now some fancy warps to go quickly down and up the mines.

So uh some smaller updates since last time I did this would be:
- Furnace room on desert island was redone
- A staff Island now exists
- You now get teleported out of the mine on mine reset
- Added a bunch off stuff to message hover, like reaction wins, tokens
- Oh, damn /menu was actually added after last update message so uh yeah /menu is a thing now.
- You can use /secret and /secrets to open secrets menu now too, does the same as /rewards
- Custom coded the sapling stuff on grass so it worked better
- Disabled weather in prison
- We changed PVP plugins so now new players have 30 mins protection, you get a Combat prefix if you're in combat, and you can see how long is left on combat tagged in the action bar
- Pvp off also now gets a tag if you are in that mode
- Disguises no longer break on attack
- Disguises now have nametags
Uh probably missed something but that's about it for this time.

But uh yeah would like to recommend everyone to link their Discord account with /discord link of course (send those 4 numbers to our SkyPrison Bot on discord via DM).

Oh yeah, you also get 100 tokens for linking your account with discord.