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Some Updates

Hello everyone! I have a few announcements for you peoples today!
First, the big one you've all been waiting for, Custom Enchants is back! This one is a bit different than the old enchants plugin. Instead of getting the enchantments from an enchantment table, these are obtained through the /ce, command. There you can buy differently tiered enchants (Random Enchant) which will give you a nether star that you can right-click which opens a GUI with all items that can be enchanted with that enchant. But yeah, custom enchants are back. If you have any questions about the old custom enchants please ask @118MASTERMAN about that.

Now some other features that have been added to the game:
/customrecipes ( /cr ) - Shows all of them custom recipes we have on the server. Also shows items that are not craftable and items that are not obtainable
/sit command has been added to the donation store so you can sit wherever you want
Double Enderchest has been added to the donation store too.
/totalhomes is now a command which shows you how many homes you are using and the total amount of homes you can use.
After going through all of them shop survey things I've added emeralds to the general store and also reduced the shop price of some items. The other stuff that you guys suggested in the survey will be discussed during the next staff meeting. Yeah uh, #market channel has been added.
/parkour, /pa gui, now opens a fancy GUI which has all the parkours and the lobby in them. It also shows the time left until parkour is done, with Cooldown: 0 meaning its available to do. /Commands is in the making and currently does show some commands /Ranks is now a command and shows all of the ranks, their requirements & what you get access to with that rank. Still working on it so some coloring might change.

If you didn't notice, we now have /reaction top which shows the top 10 players of the ChatReaction. It is also possible to do /reaction top 2.

We're also currently working on Leaderboards, but yeah that's about it for this time.