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Declined Veteran app

Discussion in 'Veteran Application' started by Chubby, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Chubby

    Chubby Member Single's Awareness Day Competition 2020 Halloween Skin Competition 2019

    Discord Tag: Steeky#9265

    Minecraft Username: _Chubby_ and McCHubbChubbs

    When did you join the SkyPrison Legacy discord (use ;;userinfo or --userinfo in #bot-channel)?:I have 2 accounts, I know the Steeky#9265 isn't 1 year old but my _chubby_#8466 one is (don't use the account). At the moment, I have to wait like 4 more month but I don't know if you will make an exception or not.

    Additional comments: I would understand If you reject it.
  2. blueberry09

    blueberry09 Active Member Admin Forum Moderator

    You can apply with your alt discord and/or wait the four months for your main account to get the role.