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SkyPrison Laws

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Sep 16, 2017
The SkyPrison Laws
SkyPrison Laws are part of the role play we have on a prison server. These laws cannot be compared with the Rules, they are completely different things. If you break the Skyprison laws you can be killed or jailed, you will never be muted or banned.

The Skyprison laws are enforced by the SkyPrison Guards, they can only enforce these laws when they actually see you breaking them. These rules only apply in the prison world of the server. If you see a “Guard Free Zone” a guard cannot enforce the laws in that area, either. There may be several of these locations within the prison world.

  1. Don't carry a sword/bow/any contraband, you will be killed on sight if you are in a PVP zone and asked for your contraband if you are in the safe zone
  2. Don't PvP, you will be killed.
  3. Don't safe zone right after you attack a guard or player, if you continuously do this you can be jailed.
  4. Don't sword troll or item bomb, you will be jailed.

If a guard jails you and you don't understand what for, please check the laws above, if it's not stated above, ask the guard in a private message.

If you disagree with the guard's actions because they have misused their power, report them in staff reports on the forums here. Feedback about guarding is always welcome, however, destructive criticism is not. If you want to give feedback, do it politely or constructively or not at all. Do not ask to be unjailed when you have clearly broken the law. If you believe you were wrongly jailed, message the guard respectfully and ask which law you broke or wait until you are unjailed to message them. Note that if you get jailed, and a guard is not at the center, they will not be able to see your chat since you have a limited range at which people can hear you.

Sword/Shield/Bow trolling examples:

-carrying a lot of swords/shields/bows and suiciding,

-carrying loads of swords/shields/bows and let yourself be killed

-Constantly coming back with a swords/shields/bows after being killed

-Throwing the sword/shield/bow in the mine and not getting it when the guard asks

Note: You normally get warned for sword trolling before you are being jailed.

When applying for guard add this answer to the "Have you read the Skyprison laws?" question:

[color=#dd9323]Yes, and I will enforce them as a guard.[/color]
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