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Sep 15, 2017
Planet Earth. Located in the Sol System.
The format is: Day/Month/Year
Most recent on top.
+ You can now rename a claim with /claim rename <current claim name> <new claim name>
+ You can now expand a claim without having to redo it with /claim expand <distance in blocks> and it will expand the claim you're standing in the number of blocks you put in in the direction you're looking

+ You can now see how many likes you've given/other people have given on the forums (Might require you to like a post for your number to display if it says 0)(edited)
+ There's now a new tab in Members which lists Most Followers on the forums
+ You can now display only posts by a specific user (or several) in a thread
+ You can now right-click a block to get info about the claim the block is in or check if there even is a claim there
+ When right-clicking a claim with a stick the claim area will be marked like on previous claim plugin

+ Builder applications are also closed for the meantime

+ Temporarily closed moderator applications

+ You can now click a block with a stick to see if there's a claim there or not
+ Woooww you can now access the new leaderboards GUI either through /menu and clicking the leaderboards item or doing /lb, /leaderboard or /leaderboards
+ Guards on duty now displays in /list
+ Disguises are no longer broken if a player gets attacked by someone else
+ Disguised players now have names
+ Players with PVP off now have a prefix in front of their nametag in tab and over their player model

+ Theres now a description of what the claim commands do when you type /claim help
+ The claim section in the commands thread on the forums is also now updated.
+ Secrets in "Your Stats" GUI now shows total secrets
+ Fixed colouring of total secrets
+ Toggling scoreboard off will now persist after relogging

+ Removed GriefPrevention and added custom claims plugin
+ All GriefPrevention Claims have been moved over so your stuff isn't unclaimed
+ /Flaglist updated
+ Removed some commands that were no longer in use
+ Updated /claimwand kit
+ /claim now shows /claim help
+ /claimhelp now goes to /claim help
+ Farewell-title has been fixed
+ I have done the unthinkable and fixed fly flag so it now works 100% of the time and you don't need to leave it or that stuff to get it to work again

-G Island switched back from Easter event
-Removed Easter event

+ Fixed trees from growing in mines... cough mischievous prisoners cough
+ Groovy bot (-help in #bot-channel)

+ There's now a scoreboard on the right side of your screen, don't know if you noticed
+ Scoreboard can be toggled with /fb toggle
+ /Menu now has a Settings GUI which contains toggles for lots of stuff like private chat toggle, scoreboard toggle and global chat toggle
+ You can now toggle global chat with /silence
+ You now dont loose hunger in parkour lobby

+ Parkour Scoreboard now shows current deaths & checkpoints
+ Sponge is now fully up and running

+ Fixed an issue with the sponge not working
+ Fixed problem with /parkour not working

+ Fixed every single sign-in event world cus all of them somehow had something that wasn't working on them
+ Fixed shop signs not going away on region becoming available

+ Voting Sites work again

+ Server migrated over to the new host

+ New Players now have pvp protection for 30 minutes
+ When two players enter combat their nametag turns red and they get a "Combat" prefix in front of it
+ You can now see how long you have left on combat tag in your action bar
+ Fixed blockball for some reason kicking you out of the game in one of the corners

+ Redid furnace rooms on desert island
+ Fixed a bypass on nether parkour
+ Added /tpaccept to blocked commands in prison because apparently I had not already added that(edited)
+ Disabled Speed & Jump effects around parkours
+ You can no longer use the trident to instantly complete grass parkour
+ Disabled weather cycles in prison
+ Desert Island now has its own Shopkeeper!
+ Added sticks & birch saplings to grass shop
+ Added a warning to mine teleports the first time you use them warning you about them costing 25 tokens, and asking you to confirm teleport. This warning goes away after the first time

+ Grass Mine and Desert Mine now have instant warps from entrance to mine and from mine to entrance for the low low price of 25 tokens
+ The bottom block on grass trees no longer gets turned into a sapling if you dont break it first
+ Added a house with heads of me (staff house)

+ If you're in the mine when someone resets you now get tped out ;O

+ Patty's Treat #12
+ After converting ancient code to new fancy code /rewards is also now in /menu
+ Added /secret and /secrets commands to open up that GUI

+ Added Reaction Wins to message hover
+ Made tokens in message hover formatted

+ new discord rule (9) in #rules
+ #new-users channel
+ clean sweep of #general

+ Added a fancy colored ?buy and ?sell command for donors to use in the #market channel. Template for command: ?buy/?sell <IGN> <quantity> <item_name> <price>


+ Added fancy /menu command
+ Added so you can double click stairs (with empty hand) to sit on them if you've bought /Sit command

+ Added a secret

+ Warp names in the warp GUI is no longer italic

+ Telepathy now works
+ Defender enchant on shield now also works when holding shield in off-hand
+ Timis balance no longer says 1.00000E7
+ Global baltop no longer says 40.00E7
+ Added more info on message hover

+ Fixed a thing that allowed other players to make shops in other players markets
+ You can now see how many times you've found a secret in /rewards
+ Added so it now says "You've done this parkour" instead of "You've found this secret" on parkours
+ Added total secrets counter behind the scenes so that I can implement that later

+ Removed the 2 old custom enchants book completely from tokenshop after they've been not buyable for like a month
+ Added access to the travel master GUI inside of spawn region to tokenshop. Accessible through /travel, /shops or /travel gui

+ Added Custom Enchants

+ Added emeralds to general store
+ Made some items cheaper to buy

+ Added /totalhomes so you can see how many homes you have in total
+ Added /customrecipes ( /cr ) that shows custom recipes, unobtainable items, and uncraftable items
+ Added Double Enderchest Space to donation store
+ Added /sit command to donation store
+ Added #market channel
+ changed /totalhomes to include homes used. so it now shows for example 2/7 homes

+ Fixed ocelot disguise not giving proper permissions

+ Did something and now /dg works again

+ /parkour now opens a GUI where you can see cooldown left/join parkours from. You can also use /pa gui
+ + that Unscramble/say the word event in chat now has a leaderboard! You can view it with /reaction top. You can also see your own and others wins with /reaction wins (name)
+ Enabled /spawn, /parkour, /home in center
+ Enabled /home in main grass house

+ Disabled /killstats due to it somehow crashing the server
+ Parkour pressureplates should work
+ Parkour pressureplates should now work

+ Rules updated

+ Fixed 1 arrow being sold for 3.2k instead of 1 stack being sold for 3.2k
+ Limited fish in a bucket to 1 per purchase

- Prison shops disabled for Free +
+ Spawn shops enabled for Free +
+ New rule added (Alt Selling: Don't give items to an alt account / other players to sell items in prison world to bypass the free + selling in prison world. (Any money made will be removed and farm removed))

+ You can now see your gambling addiction grow by checking out the Information paper in the Dealer GUI

+ The shield contraband has been swapped with tridents

+ Falling into the void in the tutorial world will now spawn you at the tutorial start and not in void jail
+ Updated Voting Milestones (can be seen here https://skyprison.net/vote/)
- Zenchantments has been removed

+ Added Casino Memberships to Blue's Casino at the center!
+ Fixed some words in ChatReaction which had space at the end causing them to not be solvable

+ Swapped out and added new words to Chat Reaction
+ Fixed so you can no longer fly in some parts of the secret on Free Island
+ Updated some region priorities

+ Fixed a bug with ranking up from snow to free after the change from snow blocks dropping snow blocks instead of snowballs.
+ Fixed Free rank displaying with a green name
+ Changed some rank up requirements

+ Fixed a weird bug with WorldGuard which didn't allow trees to spawn

+ Updated commands thread on forums

+ /Msg command in-game is now enabled in parkour mode!

+ Discord Server Boosted
+ Discord Server Banner
+ Discord Emoji

+ Fly flags now work (recommend adding no player damage flag too)

+ Fixed that parkour lag
+ Added heads to recent donors
+ Added Mini-Spleef portal at the center
+ Added Mini-Spleef

+ Added PlayerMarket
+ Updated /rules
+ A few survival shops have been released

+ Fixed Trident giving stone instead of the trident in the token shop

+ voting broadcasting has been fixed

+ Fixed ranked up to free message

+ Added 1.15.1 support

+ All Center shops up and running
+ Chat reaction rewards changed to tokens
+ Added MobArena which is accessible after Nether Rank
+ Extra home from the token shop now instantly gives you an extra home
+ Changed warp warmup to be specific for each warp, not all warps
+ Removed warp warmup on /warp Christmas

+ Dropped Legacy from the server name

+ Dyno bot now reacts to a few numbers in the #counting channel


+ Death messages now show every death as I finally tracked down what was causing it not to do that.

+ News Messages work again

+ Website has been migrated

+ /Rewards has been updated and is now working
- Removed some emojis on discord
+ Added 7 Halloween themed emojis on discord

+ Updated a custom plugin
+ Anthropomorphism enchantment now works again

+ I have finally made Custom Enchant books work in /vshop
+ News Messages updated

+ Fixed pistons not working in parkour 5 & 7

+ Mobs can no longer escape from the haunted House (except baby zombies)

+ Shop is now up and running.
+ Fixed a bug that would cause the server to crash when an admin left.

+ Voting has been successfully set up again.

+ ServerSigns & Claiming now works again.

+ PvP is now disabled in claims
+ The PvP Arena is now open for all to use! Type /warp castle in-game and enter the portal on the left to check it out.

+ Changed up /list a bit
+ Increased claim blocks you get per hour

+ /playtimetop now works beyond page 1
+ Changed message you get when you do /kit tools

+ Setup a /rewards plugin for use in-game to check off when you find secrets.

+ Added #no-mic channel, in discord.

+ Added 50 new words to Chat Reaction in-game.

+ Changed /msg colors in-game

+ Changed speed in spawn to speed 3
+ /apply command now exists
+ /report command also now exists

+ Changed forum website from http to https
+ All 5 voting sites now works

+ You now get a speed buff when you are in spawn.
+ You now no longer lose hunger while in spawn.

+ Random Teleport now works 100% of the time and looks better
+ Increased chance of getting better crate keys from ChatReaction
+ You can now buy access to /wild or /rtp in the nether thru the voteshop

- Removed 3 old emojis on discord
+ Added 11 new emojis on discord

+ Added the #support channel on discord (check the description for more info)
- Removed the market channel on discord

+ Separated some roles from the Members on discord.

- Removed the Auction House plugin
- Removed the Lottery plugin

+ Added connectivity for 1.14.3 (player versions work with 1.8-1.14.3)

+ Added a claim commands section to the commands thread (https://www.skyprison.net/commands/) and made that thread look prettier.
+ Added a Discord Application section on the forums (under server applications)
+ Opened up the Veterans Applications on the forums (https://www.skyprison.net/forums/veteran-application/)
+ Opened up the Mathlete Applications on the forums (https://www.skyprison.net/forums/mathlete-application/)

+ Changed the SkyPrison Trivia Expert role color because it was too close to the Helper role color.
+ Changed price of lottery tickets on the server from $100 to $1000 with a 5% tax per ticket in the pot.
+ The maximum amount of lottery tickets you can buy on the server is now unlimited.

+ Fixed spawning when dying on the SP map
+ Enabled keep inventory on the SP map

+ Changed the discord name to SkyPrison Legacy.
+ Added a visible suffix to those who are zDonors on the server.

+ Fixed /wild

+ Server now supports 1.4.7-1.14.1
+ Added a GUI to /home command
+ /Wild will now take you further away from spawn
+ Created changelog thread on the forum
+ Added new emojis on the discord

+ Decreased cost of buying your own head
+ Added the ability to buy homes in /voteshop
+ Redesigned the layout of /voteshop
+ Decreased the cost of keys in /voteshop
+ Added /vshop as an alternative for /voteshop
+ Decreased cost of mending books in /votesohp

+ Created Market channel on discord

+ Changed voting rewards to give fewer basic keys and more of the other keys
+ Items in /voteshop are now cheaper
+ You can now buy your own head in /voteshop
+ Fixed mending books in /voteshop

+ Added 1.14 Support

+ Created Changelog channel on discord
+ Created info about Custom Enchants on forum
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