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New SkyPrison Legacy Survival Server!


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Sep 16, 2017
New Survival Server Released

Thank you for your continued patience, but now is the announcement YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!! The SkyPrison Legacy Survival Server has been released today!

We are extremely excited to present to you all, a Minecraft server for the community to play on once again. This server will not only include some previous structures and buildings from the Old SkyPrison maps (hence Legacy) but also some new medieval themed houses and buildings. When you join SkyPrison Legacy you will get to experience a new type of survival world with its unique terrain and biome generations. As you seek to venture into the wilderness, astonishment, and wonder will fill your mind. May you build the most epic house, become the richest player, become the ultimate collector of special items, recruit the best team or become the top dog in your McMMO leveling, the choices are endless and up to you.

The IP is mc.skyprison.net Come check it out :emoji_slight_smile:
Discord link: https://discordapp.com/invite/Mc2UBPJ

A Few Other Updates to Share

First, forums have updated a little bit, you no longer need to join the game and type /register in-game to register on the forums. You can now click that pretty blue button labeled "Sign Up Now" at the top right of forums (http://www.skyprison.net). Some other threads have been updated like the rules (http://www.skyprison.net/threads/2/), commands (http://www.skyprison.net/commands/), and the voting thread, while some threads in the reports and feedback like suggestions have been cleaned up and are currently ready for player posting.

Secondly, we’ve also added another role that you can apply for called Helper. More info on the Helper Application can be found here (http://www.skyprison.net/forums/helper-applications/). For anyone wondering about the Youtuber role, it has been removed for now but may be added back in the future.

Other threads on the forum have been removed from your view like SkyPrison Laws.

Thirdly, we’ve added a #counting channel for fun while you wait for the server to be released. It’s quite simple, all you do is go to #counting, start with 1 and then someone else says 2, so that each time you are adding 1 to the previous number. The catch is, one person can’t do it all. If the same person types 1 and then 2, it will reset. For more info, check the description in that channel and the pin.

The suggestions channel has also been removed from the discord and so suggestions should be made on the forums here (http://www.skyprison.net/forums/suggestions/).

Lastly, I want to say a thank you to the staff who have helped with this project and also to the community for your patience throughout the last few months.

Thanks for reading! <3
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