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Happy Easter!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by blueberry09, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. blueberry09

    blueberry09 Active Member Admin Forum Moderator

    Happy Easter Everyone!


    This year we would like to dedicate our Easter Event to all those players who were on the server around 2013 and also those staff and guard members who were online back then as well.

    At center, you'll notice the Easter decorations and as usual in the section by the discord sign where it is all decked out. Check out the Easter Bunny Cave and you will reveal Easter decorations that will blow you away. (This is especially significant if you were here several years ago.)

    The key to finding the Easter eggs will be to click all the signs you see. Hope you discover more than you intended. Good Luck!

    ~Easter Team
  2. HA april fools got me there. Good joke berry!
  3. blueberry09

    blueberry09 Active Member Admin Forum Moderator

    Haha yeah, what would the Easter Event, this year, have been like without the trolls? By the way, @Steviell thought of most of the April Fool's jokes. Glad you enjoyed it though. :emoji_wink: