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  1. DrakePork

    Bounties, Forums & Donor Updates!

    Hello people of the interwebs. I've got some updates for you all today! So first off we got bounties. Wow ikr. Basically you do /bounty set <player> <amount> to set a bounty on a player, and if someone kills that player, they get the money from the bounty. You can see all bounty commands with...
  2. DrakePork

    Monthly Server Update Announcement

    Monthly Server Updates Hey everyone! It's that time of the month where I, of course, send a massive message with a bunch of updates that have happened. So to start off the Discord has now been "revamped" where you can now go in-game and do /Discord link and you will receive your in-game ranks...
  3. DrakePork

    Accepted DealMaker - Veteran Application

    Sure, but it'll cost you 10 fish
  4. DrakePork

    Some Updates

    Hello everyone! I have a few announcements for you peoples today! First, the big one you've all been waiting for, Custom Enchants is back! This one is a bit different than the old enchants plugin. Instead of getting the enchantments from an enchantment table, these are obtained through the...
  5. DrakePork

    Accepted Mothana The Vet

    Yes you are indeed "old"
  6. DrakePork


  7. DrakePork

    Accepted Ban Appeal

    Im guessing this was accepted?
  8. DrakePork

    Accepted Slinger1214's Mute Appeal

    Mute was meant to be 1 day and has been corrected.
  9. DrakePork

    Christmas Season and a New 1.14 Survival + Prison Server!

    To be decided what? Yes it will be an update of this server. Ignore blues comment above.
  10. DrakePork

    Claim Removal Thread

    To remove a claim, just make a post with a full description of why the claim should be removed. Please make sure the template is used for your post! It will be deleted if it does not adhere. NOTE: This template should already be inserted into the post! Your IGN: Owner of Claims IGN...
  11. DrakePork

    Declined Slinger1214's Mute Appeal

    Dont post two appeals for the same mute.
  12. DrakePork

    Accepted Slinger1214's Mute Appeal

    Accepted. Mute reduced.
  13. DrakePork

    Big Updates on the Horizon

    Hello peoples. We have now updated to 1.14.4, so all of those features are now on the server. We have also switched to a new host. A few big updates that are gonna arrive on the server in the near future, are: A new shop A new 1.14.4 map Ranks Player Market And some secret things Currently...
  14. DrakePork

    Accepted Derpy's Vet App (:

  15. DrakePork

    Declined blueberry09's Veteran Application

    After further review this application has been declined.
  16. DrakePork


    The format is: Day/Month/Year Most recent on top. ------------------------------------------ 25/4/2020: + You can now rename a claim with /claim rename <current claim name> <new claim name> + You can now expand a claim without having to redo it with /claim expand <distance in blocks> and it will...