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Guide SkyPrison Laws
Started by DrakePork

SkyPrison laws are laws that guards uphold for roleplaying purposes. You will never be muted or banned for breaking these.  However, guards can still kill you or jail you for defying these laws.


Note that these laws ONLY apply in the prison world.


  • Don't carry any contraband, you will be killed in a PVP zone and asked for your contraband in the safe zone
  • Don't PvP, you will be killed
  • Don't safe zone right after you attack a guard or player, if you continuously do this you can be jailed
  • Don't sword troll or item bomb

If a guard jails you or kills you and you dont know what for, check the laws above. If it's not there then ask the guard in a private message what you got jailed/killed for.

If you disagree with the actions a guard took, then report them on the forum in Staff Reports. Feedback about guarding is always welcome, criticism is not. If you want to give feedback, do it politely. Don't discuss your jail in global chat, do it in private messages.


Note: You normally get warned for sword trolling and safe zoning before you get jailed.

When applying for guard add this answer to the "Have you read the SkyPrison laws?" question:

Yes and I will enforce them as a guard