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Accepted Skret's Ban Appeal

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Skret, May 7, 2018.

  1. Skret

    Skret Guest

    Your IGN: Skret
    Reason you have been banned: I dont remember exactly, it says "Banned by an Operator"
    Length of your ban: Permanent
    Approximate Date of your ban (or how many days ago): Years ago, maybe 3-4?
    Why do you think you should be unbanned: I'm a very old player, I used to play back when Starburstlover, KneeGrrr, Goppi and many others that played around 2012-2013. I really dont remember why I was banned, but I'm a completely different person now, and would really like to see how much the server has changed.
  2. xtechgamer735

    xtechgamer735 Admin Admin

    Your request has been accepted! Please let us know if you have any difficulty logging in.