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Discord Rules

Discussion in 'Information and Help' started by xtechgamer735, Apr 6, 2018.

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  1. xtechgamer735

    xtechgamer735 Admin Admin

    We want to keep the rules as simple and as easy to understand as possible so everyone can understand them and follow them.

    Text Channels
    (channels you can type in)​

    1. No Bullying: Intentionally trying to hurt/attack other players using cruel, insulting, threatening or aggressive methods. There is a fine line between banter and bullying.
    2. No Chat Trolling: Saying things in chat to mislead players or cause confusion, maliciously.
    3. No Obscene Images/Links: Sending links that lead to offensive, disturbing or disgusting images.
    4. No Excessive Cursing: A little, in context and moderation (at staff’s discretion and following the other rules), is okay. Repetitive, abusive or directed cursing at others is not allowed.
    5. No Spamming: Including all caps, duplicate messages, and links.
    6. No Advertising: Posting other discord links and/or talking about other Minecraft servers or SkyPrison rivals is not acceptable.
    7. No Mass Mentions: It annoys us all, and everyone will get to see your message eventually. If you are trying to get help, please open a ticket on the forum.
    8. Respect Other Players: The server should be enjoyable at all times for all players, intentionally making them feel unwelcome, or targeted by anyone, is not okay. This includes purposely excluding them.

    Note: Breaking the rules 5, 6 & 7 several times, in a short time span, can get you auto-muted. Other rules, if broken, will be dealt with by staff.

    Voice Channels
    (channels you can talk in)

    1. Channel Usage: All channels should only be used for vocal communication with other players only. Playing music, speech, YouTube clips or other pre recorded audio through your mic is not allowed.
    2. Music Channels: You are allowed to play music in the ‘Music Lobby’, contradicting the rule above. This may come from a bot. Joining the channel and hijacking other users (by playing audio through your mic) is not allowed.
    3. Soundboards: The use of soundboards and playing sound effects is not acceptable in any channel. This should be kept in private channels.
    4. Spam: Do not spam voice chats in any way, this includes repeatedly joining and leaving, being purposely loud and making disrupting noises.
    5. Language: Because there are multiple voice channels, you may speak any language you wish if you do not disturb others or use it to make others feel unwelcome.
    6. Explicit Content: Please keep explicit, sexual and threatening content out of all channels.
    7. No Excessive Cursing: A little, in context and moderation (at staff’s discretion), is okay, but repetitive, abuse or directing it at other people is not allowed.
    Note: Breaking any of these rules can lead to mutes and bans varying from per channel to server wide. This depends on the severity of the case. Punishments are decided on a per case basis by staff and are final. They should be discussed in the appeal section of the forum.

    You are able to mute people individually, and you should use this functionality if you feel someone is breaking the rules until a member of staff is able to deal with the problem.​
    Last Updated: 8 April 2018​
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 16, 2018
Thread Status:
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